These students were chosen by their huynh trưởng to receive the Superstar Award for the 2019-2020 TNTT school year. This special award recognizes the most exemplary student of the class who demonstrated outstanding character, participation, and academic performance. Congratulations, Superstars! Keep on shining!

Lớp 1A

Chasity Lê

Lớp 1B

Tony Nguyễn

Lớp 2A

Lauren Vũ

Lớp 2B

Julia Lại

Lớp 3A

James Nguyễn

Lớp 3B

David Đoàn

Lớp 4A

Kayla Nguyễn

Lớp 4B

Jonathan Hoàng

Lớp 5A

Jennifer Đặng

Lớp 5B

Mỹ Xuân Nguyễn

Lớp 6A

Phú Vũ

Lớp 6B

Mina Nguyễn

Lớp 7A

Teresa Nguyễn

Lớp 7B

Bảo Trân Đỗ

Lớp 8A

Nina Nguyễn

Lớp 8B

Bảo Trần

Lớp 9A

Kayla Đặng

Lớp 9B

Vanessa Ngô

Lớp 10A

Christopher Nguyễn

Lớp 10B

Cindy Cao

Lớp VD1

Christopher Ngô

Lớp VD2

Kevin Nguyễn


These remarkable ngành trưởng answered the calling to take charge of the ngành and have served with immeasurable love and care. We are grateful for their dedicated leadership!

Ngành Trưởng Ấu Nhi

Chris Đinh

Ngành Trưởng Thiếu Nhi

Minh Nguyễn

Ngành Trưởng Nghĩa Sĩ

Jonathan Trần

Ngành Trưởng Hiệp Sĩ

Tâm Nguyễn


With the humble desire to become a huynh trưởng, the hiệp sĩ trưởng thành class has put great effort into serving our đoàn and preparing for the Cấp 1 training camp. To our aspiring youth leaders: we hope your journey stays as bright as the path of a shooting star!

HSTT Class

(not all pictured)

Dear class,

You are funny, bright, and talented individuals who have shown us your compassionate desire to help others. We hope you never stop building your faith and your love for service, and know that you will always have our support and guidance as you aim for red.


Chị Linh & Chị Hân


The month of May is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the mother of Jesus as well as our spiritual mother and queen. Let us honor her in our hearts and with the traditional May Crowning where we place a crown on Mary, the Holy Queen. We want this crowning to be extra special, so we are aiming to offer at least 10,000 Hail Mary prayers altogether! Once we reach our goal, we will crown our church’s statue of the Beloved Mother Mary.

UPDATE: Our goal was reached, and the beautiful Mother Mary was crowned (click here for the image)! Thank you for praying and learning about Mother Mary with us. Although the month of May is over, we hope that you continue to pray, strengthen your love for Mary, and amplify your love for Jesus.

Mother Mary teaches us what it means to pray and think over the events that we need to sort out. She always points us to Jesus who is her son, the Lord, and the source of her strength. If we ever have any struggles, we can always go to Mary for help and ask her to pray for us.


Mary appeared in many places in the world! Learn about some of the apparitions by clicking below:

May 31, 2020 – Total prayers: 12,824

Ấu Nhi: 1533

Thiếu Nhi: 562

Nghĩa Sĩ: 2027

Hiệp Sĩ: 504

HT/HSTT: 5892

Parents/other: 2306